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THERMAX design, manufacture and install fire curtains and smoke screens

THERMAX have specialised in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of fire curtains and smoke curtains since 1986.

Later developments, such as glass smoke screens and environmental screens (air barriers) demonstrate the flexibility and ingenuity necessary to be at the forefront of building fire safety design throughout UK and Ireland

All fire curtains and smoke screens are fully tested, certified and comply to the relevant BS or EN standards.

Fire and smoke containment products

Automatic fire curtain installed at USC: Fargate Sheffield

To BS 476 Part 22 | EN 12101-1 | EN 1364-1

THERMAX automatic fire curtains are designed to seal off an area to contain the fire and prevent it from spreading into other areas. The fire curtains have major advantages over traditional steel shutters.

Further information on automatic fire curtains.

Fixed fire curtain installed at a distribution warehouse in Birmingham

To BS 476 Parts 20 & 22

THERMAX fixed fire curtains are a woven fibreglass fabric barrier coated with a specially formulated micronised aluminium polymer, designed to provide compartmentation of structures and halt the passage of smoke and fire.

Further information on fixed fire curtains.

Glazed smoke screens designed for Sheffield's Meadowhall Shopping Centre

To BS 7346: Part 3: 1990 | EN 12101-1

THERMAX glazed smoke screens have become an alternative to automatic smoke curtains offering a suspended, unframed, clear glazed smoke screen as part of the fire protection strategy of the building.

Further information on glass smoke screens.

Automatic smoke curtains designed for JLP: Solihull, Birmingham

To BS 7346: PART 3: 1990 | EN 12101-1 AS | ASB3, D120

THERMAX automatic smoke curtains descend fail-safe into the fire alarm position when all consumable primary and auxiliary power sources are removed, in the event of wiring system corruption, or any combination thereof.

Further information on automatic smoke curtains.

THERMAX custom-designed environmental screens & air barriers

Environmental Screens & Air Barriers

THERMAX custom-designed factory partitions and screens are manufactured from reinforced flexible materials and are tailored to match your building shape in a number of easily handled pre-fabricated sections.

Further information on environmental screens & air barriers.

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