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Apex and valley fixed smoke curtains to BS: 7346: Part 3 & EN12101-1

Thermax fixed smoke curtains are designed to segregate large roof spaces into smaller areas to contain smoke and toxic gasses caused by Fire.


Designed to withstand hot air & smoke at temperatures up to 600°c for 60 minutes.

The fabric has a resistance to site of Class A2-s1, d0 when tested in accordance with EN 13501-1.

The smoke curtains are designed to work hand in hand with sprinkler and/or smoke extract systems, to reduce the flow of smoke within a building, until the fire has been put out and the smoke has been pumped out of the building.


The smoke curtains are normally fixed at high level, running the length and width of the buildings.

Fixed smoke curtains in situTo keep the same depth of smoke curtain throughout the building, 2 different types of curtain are used, apex and valley.

Apex smoke curtains are manufactured so the top hem of the curtain matches the gradient of the roof slope to keep the bottom hem of the curtain level with the valley curtains.

Valley smoke curtains are a parallel curtain running the length of the building, normally fixed from a beam or purlin to keep the lower hem level with the bottom of the apex curtains.


Overall system tested to and in compliance with EN 12101-1 and CE marked. Fabric tested to EN 13501-1.


The smoke curtain standard fabric is to be white chemically weavelocked continuous filament 'E' glass fabric having a base weight of 400 - 420 g/m² and a thickness of 0.4mm.

Fixed smoke curtains, a close up viewThe smoke curtains are workshop manufactured in panels of 1.2 metre widths, sewn together with double hems on all vertical seams using stainless steel filament thread. The top and bottom reinforced hems are sewn with stainless steel thread.

The lower hems of the smoke curtain are to be stabilised by a 20mm diameter steel tube inserted into the bottom hem and linked continuously with connectors.

The open vertical site seams of the smoke curtain panels are to be closed by riveted seam joints.

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