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THERMAX custom-designed factory partitions and screens act as environment screens and air barriers. The air barriers are made from reinforced flexible materials and are tailored to match your building shape in a number of easily handled pre-fabricated sections.

In most applications the complete THERMAX assembly is into position by means of tension wires which are anchored to the main building structure. No separate framework is required.


THERMAX barriers are reinforced with nylon or polyester fibre with a translucent PVC layer on both sides.

Their light transmission is up to 50% according to grade.

These materials have considerable elasticity which together with their high burst strength makes very resistant to accidental damage.

Should they become punctured the reinforcement normally prevents tears from running.

All our materials satisfy the flame retardancy requirements of BS 5438 Test 2 with no separation of flaming debris under the conditions prescribed in the test.

Copies of the test procedure may be obtained from the BSI.

The material is certified to BS 476 Part 7 with a Class 1 performance.

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