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BS 7346: PART 3: 1990 & EN 12101-1 AS ASB3, D120

ASB3 (active smoke barriers) are smoke barriers which descend fail safe into the fire alarm position in the controlled manner when all consumable primary and auxiliary power sources are removed, in the event of wiring system corruption, or any combination thereof.

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The Smoke curtain system consists of a high grade fibre glass fabric which is rolled up in a compact metal sheet head box in normal state. Smoke curtains generally work on the principle of gravity. In case of fire alarm the control panel will remove the supply of voltage and the curtain shall descend under the power of gravity in a controlled manner.

Even in the case of complete power failure the smoke curtain will safely descend under the power of gravity to the operational position within 60 seconds. The system fulfils the highest demands on safety. An Integrated round steel in the bottom bar supplies the requested energy for descending by gravity.

The smoke curtain retracts by an integrated 24 V DC tube motor. The external control panel RSV-500 controls the speed in both directions descending and retracting. This technology meets the highest safety requirements according to EN12101-01.

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