240 minute Automatic Fabric Fire Curtains

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Fire tested to BS 476 Part 22 & EN 12101-1

Automatic fire curtain

THERMAX automatic fabric fire curtains hav been fire tested to BS 476 Part 22 & EN 12101-1, with the entire system having a rating of 240 minutes (4 ½ hours) at 1000°C.

This system incorporates the latest technology to allow gravity fail safe operation and also eradicates the need for limit switches.

This revolutionary product has been designed as an alternative to traditional steel shutters giving major advantages over the traditional steel shutters.

Specification of 240min rated fire curtain.

Head Box

The head box is manufactured from 1.2mm thick galvanized steel. Single fire curtains up to 6.0 meters are manufactured as a single span roller, widths above 6.0 meters will be manufactured from multiple rollers with a 600mm overlap up to 6 units can be joined together linked with a common bottom bar.


The guides, complete with the fabric retaining system are manufactured from 1.2mm galvanised steel. This retaining system is designed to prevent the curtain from pulling out of the guide when subject to a positive or negative pressure in a fire situation.


The curtain is manufactured using specially wire reinforced grey woven glass fiber with a polymer coating to both sides, tested to BS 476 Parts 6, 7, 20 & 22 at a temperature of 1000°C for a period of 4 hours.


The roller is built from a steel tube, 76mm diameter, 4mm thick, designed to withstand deflection.

Bottom Bar

The bottom bar is manufactured from mild steel angles joined together to form a T section the overall dimension is 42mm wide.

Electrical Operations

The fire curtains are electrically operated using a 24v electric motor. This is supplied from a main control panel that can supply up to 6 motors. The panel has a battery backup facility. The panel requires a 240v AC 50Hz 5 Amp supply Fire Alarm. The system is normally operated by a fire alarm contact, this shall be normally open and shall be configured so as to be fail safe.

Automatic fire curtain: Technical specifications PDF (114kb)

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